Mysterious colony (Globe)

Mysterious colony

A new Messiah expected

The Geneva correspondent of the “Morning Advertiser” writes: — The beautiful mountain village of Amden, on the Walensee, between Zurich and Chur, is now inhabited by other people besides consumptives. Its sunny situation and exceedingly mild climate have attracted some mysterious wealthy people from North America, who have brought [sic!] land at fabulous prices, and built houses. The price of land has increased so rapidly, indeed, that the inhabitants of Amden cannot buy it, and many who possess plots are selling them to the wealthy Americans, who always pay promptly, let the price asked be what it may.

The newcomers belong to a Christian communistic sect. The leader and founder is Herr Klein, whose ancestors held the burgher rights in Mainz. He himself left Meran 15 years ago, and went to North America. Two years ago Herr Klein settled in Amden; soon other families and single persons arrived. Every arrival puts his wealth in a common bank; the members of the colony eat at a common table, and afterwards amuse themselves by fiddling in one of the houses they have bought. The “Villa Arbenz” will presently be used by artists. A church is to be built, and if the Government permits, the colony will have its own special school.

The sect expects the coming of a new Christ, who, according to the founder of the colony, will set up his kingdom in Amden in the Easter of next year.

Globe, 11. November 1903, S. 9.