Strange new religion

Strange New Religion

By 260 votes to 5 the citizens the commune of Amden, in the canton of St Gall, have decided to confer Swiss citizenship on an American named Joshua Klein and his wife and two children, in consideration of a sum of £40,000 (says the Daily Mail Geneva correspondent). Klein, a native of Meran, in the Tyrol, went to the United States many years ago and married a wealthy American lady. He also started a new religion, whose adherents firmly believe that Christ will revisit the world in 1906. The citizens have also accepted Klein’s request that he shall be allowed to erect a white marble chapel dedicated to the Virgin Mary, also a meeting hall, on a neighbouring height. No cafe is to built within 3000 yards of the hall.

Evening Post (Dundee), 23. November 1903, Nr. 1201.